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Collie Power House We spent the weekend practicing for our trip to Tasmania, dad made changes to the configuration of the front end of the sidecar which seemed to work really well. The sidecar was handling the corners really well, i always get a little bit nervous when we race at Collie especially when there have been changes to the sidecar.  A few years back we had a really bad crash there and I never want to go through that again. We had the family come out to watch so we have plenty of great photos to look at. Read the Full Story
Fourth Out Right We were happy with the outcome of our racing, even though we would have liked a podium finish, we still had some great sparring matches with period five bikes and others in our class.
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Fantastic Day 2
We ended up qualifying fourteenth which is on row seven on the grid, this was a bit disappointing we were hoping for a better time than our 2.08.096 that we ended up with.

However it didn't dampen our enthusiasm too much because the bike was running sensational and we were working really well as a team on the track.
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