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Tuesday, 25 January 2011 07:02


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Day 2
We ended up qualifying fourteenth which is on row seven on the grid, this was a bit disappointing we were hoping for a better time than our 2.08.096 that we ended up with.

However it didn't dampen our enthusiasm too much because the bike was running sensational and we were working really well as a team on the track.
The completion was going to be pretty tough, we have one competitor who we are resigned to never catching and two others were doing much better times than us so we needed to really improve on our times if we want to catch up with them.

Race 1 this was fantastic, we had our best competition start in ages and took off like a rocket we reached the first corner with the pack and continued to match speed with the pack for most of the first lap.  Once we reached the straight we settled into the race, we over took a couple of period 4 bikes and had some great sparring matches with period 5 bikes over taking each other throughout the race.

When the race was over we had no idea were we had come, but we were happy with ourselves we had taken a second off our qualifying time.

I quickly checked online to see where we had come in the race and to my surprise we had come third, you have no idea how exited I was about this, coming third was just brilliant.

I looked at the list of period 4s and competitor #69 wasn’t on the list this was really strange as he started race and we didn't see him on the side of the track.

Ten minutes later my friend tells us #69 had won the race but had been disqualified because his passenger wasn't using the front exit on the side car and was riding the bike like a period 5.

Well next thing down comes #69 to us going on about being disqualified and how he believed he shouldn't have been.  He had a piece for us to sign, he wanted us and the other two bike that came in first and second to agree to having his disqualification overturned and his winning position reinstated.  You have now idea how I felt, in my head is was saying 'you can't be serious talk about take away the excitement of our getting third, no way'

We know the rules and both dad and I had stated that his passenger should now the rules too, you are not allowed to use the back exit on the period 4 side car.

We ended up going to see the clerk of course and he stated that the disqualification was to remain and #69 had indeed been told before that period 4 bikes were to use the front exit.

I was relieved by the Clerk of Courses attitude, only thing is when things like that happen it puts a bit of a dampener on the event, I think if you do the wrong thing you should just wear it, the rules are the rules everyone knows them.
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